Investment Art

Investment Art

The democratization of capital investment Art

By understanding art with the simple and simple art formula, art has arrived in the breadth of the population. With the innovation certificate Artinvest, the art formula creates a new market for works of objective art which document innovations and an evolution in the history of art of everyone in a comprehensible way. Artinvest and the art formula separates art from imitation, decoration, non-art and subjective art (which is only a new subjective view of the viewer). With the guidelines of the Artinvest certificate for the first time investment security in the art market for the broad population is created. The new findings from works of art as well as the high increases in value for objective works of art since 1945 with average returns of 1100% are no longer skimmed off by a few art insiders and knowledgeable people but can be realized by everyone. New knowledge and assets created by art which are distributed among the population are thus built up by art.


Through the art formula, works of art as well as museums and media can fulfil their social tasks for the humanistic development of man and society towards an ethical capitalism, which have to be redefined by neuronal and epigenetic research results. As a result, the arts, artists and culture in general, as well as the demand for subjective and objective art, are experiencing an unprecedented boom. The works in the exhibition i = E = MC2 by Dieter Walter Liedtke create a second enlightenment for the promotion of creativity in the population, independent of the established cultural industry which no longer meets the creativity requirements of today.

Liedtke-Museum in Port d‘Andratx